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In the world of tech, effective and timely communication reigns supreme. Automatically and instantly engage with new leads using autoresponders, build a personal connection fast with video emails, and reach customers where they’re ready to engage with multi-channel communication.

Plus, with the right technology, you can do more with less. Level-up your team’s efficiency with series automations and increase the footprint of every sales rep with mass emails.

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Onboard Your Customers With A Welcome Series Automation

The first couple weeks are the most critical when it comes to laying a foundation for user success. It can be a challenge to find a good way to onboard new customers when your salespeople have already earned their commissions and want to move onto the next deal – and when your support team likely already have their plates full.

A welcome automation is a great way to onboard new customers in an unintrusive way and to do so without adding a large amount of administrative work to your teams’ plates.

Send a drip of emails to new accounts, answering FAQs, prompting onboarding sessions if they like, and even automatically creating tasks for follow-up calls from account managers – and lower your churn in the process.

Website Tracker & Contact Scoring

In SaaS, your website is likely your #1 sales rep. You’ve poured a ton of resources into crafting the perfect (yet ever-changing) presentation to not only make yourselves discoverable in search but also to convert traffic as it comes in.

How much of your valuable website traffic data is easily accessible to your sales team?

After all, actions speak more loudly than words. Prospects constantly overstate and understate their levels of interest – and completely omit their key objections. However, their actions on your website will often cut through the noise.

Using VipeCloud’s website tracker, your sales team can see what pages prospects view. This will then contribute to their contact score – along with other key engagement that takes place such as email opens, link clicks, and attachment downloads.

Automate Follow Up With Series Automation

Boost sales efficiency by automating repetitive follow-ups. If your sales team spends a lot of time following up with sales leads who are still quite high in the funnel, why not automate as much of the process as possible?

Here’s an example workflow that you could use:

follow up series automation

Send Mass Emails From Sales Rep's Accounts

Why limit mass emailing to the marketing department? With VipeCloud, every user has access to the entire sales and marketing toolbox.

Maintain a personal touch with marketing communications and ditch the “” for emails that recipients can actually reply to.

Empower your sales reps to generate their own MQLs whether it be via fresh campaigns or follow-ups with past leads that have since gone cold.

Marketing + Sales On The Same Contact Profile

Access valuable marketing information in your CRM by using an all-in-one marketing CRM like VipeCloud.

View a contact’s profile and see all of the data that was gathered as marketing warmed them up into an MQL. Empower your sales staff to have a new level of insight into what is driving the contact’s decision-making before their first contact.

Reduce Your Data Entry - Automatic Contact Creation

Free up your sales team’s time so they can spend less time entering data in their CRM and spend more time completing order forms.

Let your CRM build itself by using automatic contact creation. Contact creation will create new contacts when you send or receive emails from new people.

Sign-up forms will create new contacts and update existing ones with the information they fill out.


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