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Configure VipeCloud To Work With Other Products In Your Ecosystem

VipeCloud's all-in-one Marketing CRM aims to reduce your sales and marketing stack. After all, the fewer apps you need to manage, the easier it is to manage your business.

However, we understand that VipeCloud can't manage all of your business processes - particularly ones that go beyond customer relationship management and marketing. This is why we have direct integrations, are compatible with Zapier, and have powerful API and Webhook capabilities.

Integration of CRM into your business processes is yet another way that VipeCloud makes it easier for you to grow your business.

We are always adding to our list of direct integrations, so let us know if there is an integration that you would like to see.

Test our integrations during your 15 day free trial!

CRM Email Integration

With CRM email integration, or inbox sync as we call it at VipeCloud, your CRM and email client will be fully synced. Regardless of where you send your email, whether in VipeCloud, in your desktop email client, or on your phone, emails sent and received will be seen everywhere.

Without inbox sync, your CRM will only display the outbound emails that are sent directly from the system. Of course, if the customer replies to your email, this will simply go to your regular inbox.

By integrating your CRM with your email inbox, this also allows for some cool marketing automation workflows such as canceling a drip campaign when the recipient replies.

Another advantage of email integration in your CRM is that you can easily see entire conversations between multiple contacts related to an account or opportunity all on a single page. This can greatly boost your productivity when trying to get up to speed on a big deal.

office 365 integration
microsoft exchange integration


Google Workspace

Social Media Integration

Automate and streamline how you post to social media by integrating your accounts with your CRM. VipeCloud makes it possible to post to multiple accounts across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Plus, you can post on behalf of other people. This way your marketing department can post on behalf of salespeople without your salespeople needing to lift a finger.

Share interesting content without leaving the page you are on by using our Chrome extension.

Direct Integrations

Here are the software platforms we have direct integrations with. We add to this list based on our customer feedback. So, feel free to let us know if there is a platform you use that could benefit from integrating with our CRM.

quickbooks CRM


Simplify your sales workflow, reduce data entry, and close more deals by integrating your CRM and bookkeeping systems. Import contact and item (products / services) data into VipeCloud with a click, unify your data with sync, and keep account managers in the loop with payment data.

Create estimates faster than ever with auto-populating data. Customer and opportunity data are collected throughout the sales process. The data you collect will automatically populate on the estimate when it's time to start closing and it's ready to be sent to QuickBooks.

GoToWebinar Integration


In today's world of increasingly remote sales & marketing webinars are becoming increasingly important. Our integration with GoToWebinar makes it easier than ever to generate email marketing lists and target sales opportunities from your webinars.

By integrating CRM with GoToWebinar, you can collect contact data from people who registered for your event and who attended. Plus, you can collect the info of attendees who asked questions in your meeting since this is a great indicator of someone being an engaged prospect.

Integrate Your CRM With Thousands Of Programs Using Zapier

Zapier allows nearly every major software platform to connect with one-another without the use of any code. If we don't already provide a direct integration with your software of choice, it is likely we can integrate with them using Zapier.

Test your integration during your 15 day free trial and feel free to have our helpful customer service team assist with this, if needed.

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Here are a few ideas for how you could create a CRM integration using Zapier:

  • Payment processing integration - have payment events recorded on contact records.
  • Google Sheets/Airtable integration - added records automatically create new contacts.
  • Chatbot integration - chat leads automatically create new contacts.

Customize To Your Needs With API And Webhooks

VipeCloud's API integration is robust, with 19 endpoints, and can be used to integrate with your own proprietary software or with other tools that you use for your day-to-day business.

What Is API In CRM?

This allows for a direct integration between two programs. This CRM integration can then allow you to pull customer, marketing, prospect, payment data and more from another program and then have this available to your sales and/or marketing teams ready to use.

Here are a couple examples of how you can integrate your CRM with API.

  Have a 3rd party contact database? Sync your database contacts with your VipeCloud account. Automatically create and update contact lists by tracking any changes that are made on the server-side and send the updates to your CRM.
  Migrating from another system? Import all of your email templates.
  Does your business send transactional emails in addition to marketing emails? Send or schedule emails directly through our API. You can even leverage email templates built within VipeCloud.
  Interested in mass personalization? Use custom fields and email templates in conjunction with our API to customize sections of your email to filter subsets of your lists. Manage this entire process via our API.


Webhooks are a great way to notify your proprietary system about events that happen in VipeCloud. We currently support triggering webhooks from email-related events. Keep your own system up-to-date about email sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

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