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Getting Started With Email Newsletters

In today's digital economy, businesses are clamoring for the attention of their customers and moving at a breakneck pace. If you aren't making an effort to stay front-of-mind for your customers, a competitor will beat you to the punch. Email newsletters are a perfect way to increase your annual revenue per customer by upselling and reselling your customers. Update them on exciting company announcements, creative product use ideas, and promotions they won't want to miss. Even if the email doesn’t create immediate conversions, it keeps you and your business at the top of their mind and, when it comes time to make a purchase decision, they’ll turn to you. On the other hand, sometimes a well-timed email is exactly what you need to push a customer from “waiting” to “buying.”

VipeCloud makes email newsletters easy. Create beautiful emails, track the engagement and drive sales with newsletters your customers want to read. With our all-in-one platform, your sales team will be armed with insights from marketing activity like never before. It’s everything that you need, all in one convenient place to create beautiful email newsletters, video emails and trackable sales emails.

Beautiful Templates Made Easy

Get started in our drag and drop template builder with one of the 250+ pre-built templates or create one of your own. Sending video emails is a breeze. You can simply record a video in the VipeCloud platform or upload your own. These beautiful email templates are made with multimedia in mind, and we make it easy for you to show off your very best self, whether that’s through text, images, or video.

Share templates and media content easily between team members and keep everyone on the same page. There’s nothing worse than preparing an email, sending it out, and then learning that someone in another department has an important addition that was supposed to go out with this email. Getting everyone on board in the creation process can help you avoid last minute (or too-late) missing information.

Template Landing Pages - A New Level Of Sharing Versatility

Reach your customers beyond the email inbox with email template landing pages. With one click, your template will also be available as a landing page, ready to share with a short link. Send these links via text, social media, messengers and more. Engage with your customers where they are most comfortable.

We live in a new, connected world, and as the media landscape expands to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Zoom, TikTok, and a dozen other multimedia sharing platforms, you need to stay on top of the biggest and best opportunities for you and your company.

Manage Your Lists Easily

Sort through your contact lists quickly and easily so you get the right messages to the right people. Lists evolve over time as contacts engage with your communications.

Let's say you create a list using one of VipeCloud's sign up forms and the sales team has engaged with the contacts who replied. You can see there are a number of contacts who clicked links within the email, but you haven't heard from them beyond that. You can easily create a new list based on this and send tailored emails to them based on the behavior you've observed.

Test what delivers results by using A/B testing. This works best when isolating variables as much as possible and comparing the results. You can do this in any number of ways:

  • - Use email templates that have slight differences such as the first impression being feature-based or price-based
  • - Email at different times of day/week/month to determine when is best for open rates
  • - Different email frequency for different lists
  • - HTML templates vs Rich Text
  • - Pass off to sales team for direct communication at different engagement points

Track Every Engagement

Gain new insights by tracking more than just email newsletter opens. With VipeCloud, you can track every link click, video view, and attachment download. When they visit your website from clicking a link in an email, you can then track their page views on your website. It’s truly a beautiful newsletter system that makes your process simple, intuitive, and useful.

Your sales team will see all of this information in the contact view and have a more thorough understanding of a) what features motivate the prospect and b) features that the customer might not be aware of that could be impactful. Plus, with lead scoring, your sales team can spend more time closing deals by being able to sort contacts by who has engaged the most with your emails and website.

Your marketing team will be able to craft future campaigns with these new insights. There's no need to wonder what elements are performing well or which need adjustments. Through A/B testing and reviewing the data, your team will be able to build email newsletters that deliver results.

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