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Email Marketing With VipeCloud Is Better

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Rockstar Support

With 90% of our reviews grading the support team a perfect 5/5, you know we mean business when it comes to good customer support. Market with confidence, knowing that the VipeCloud team has ensured that your campaign is set up for success.

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Beautiful Email Templates

Amaze your audience with beautiful templates. Choose one of our 600+ modern templates or design one of your own with our easy-to-use drag-n-drop builder.

Technology & Setup For Serious Sending

Technology & Setup For Serious Sending

We're equipped for serious sending. We have our own dedicated mass emailing servers, hand-hold to make sure your DNS is 100% set up for sending, and will make sure your contact import is done right.

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Consolidated Sales And Marketing

Grow your business more easily with a consolidated Communication CRM. Have one contact database, a comprehensive history of engagement, and no need to rely on integrations.

A Streamlined Sales Journey: All Workflows End With Email Marketing

1. Your Business Generates Qualified Leads

A contact fills out the VipeCloud Sign-Up Form that was embedded on your website or in a blog article, or posted on Social. VipeCloud saves you from administrative tasks by automatically adding the contact to your CRM.

Special offer sign up form from a landing page
Scheduling an appointment from automatic email

2. An AutoResponder Strikes The Iron While It's Hot

An AutoResponder sends an email, a Text, starts a Series, or assigns a Task. Your communication includes a VipeCloud Scheduler link. Congrats! You've got a meeting on your calendar and you never even had to pick up the phone.

3. You Win The Deal & VipeCloud Reduces Your Administrative Work

Once you move the opportunity to the "Win" column, you can have another AutoResponder send your welcome email template and the contact is moved to a contact list for nurturing follow-up business.

The deal is won
A targeted email is sent to earn repeat business

4. Email Campaigns Are Sent To Your Segmented Nurturing Lists

Use Segments to send hyper-targeted emails to contacts who have previously purchased from you. By being able to see your previous meeting notes and their marketing engagement, you'll find it much easier to sell and earn repeat business.

Email Marketing Tools Under The Hood

CRM Integrations HeaderSend Beautiful Emails That Drive Results

Choose one of the 600+ prebuilt email templates that come with every account, or create your own template using our powerful, yet easy-to-use Drag-N-Drop HTML builder.

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We Bring The Tech Needed To Market Effectively

We'll get you up and running right, ensuring that:

Your DNS is set up correctly.
Your emails are being sent via your own domain.
We don't rely on your email's exchange servers to send, but bring our own, enterprise-grade servers to the table.
You have detailed, contact-level, reporting on email performance.

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The Insights You Need To Produce Opportunities

With each email marketing campaign, you will have a live report showing how the campaign has performed. Whether you want to review your deliveries, opens, clicks, replies, or issues, you have the data you need to produce results.

Future of CRM


Accelerate your growth with powerful triggers and automations that tie together your whole sales and marketing system.

VipeCloud makes it easy for you and your team to spend less time on administrative tasks and to spend more time growing your business.

What Features Are Included?

  • Segmentation

    Generate more business by creating targeted lists and tailoring your message based on actionable data.

  • Version History

    Rest easy knowing version edits are stored while you work. Restoring a previous version is just a click away.

  • Merge contact data in your templates, including any custom contact fields you have.

  • Unsubscribe Links Made Easy

    Unsubscribe links are added to Mass Emails and contacts are automatically removed from your lists as needed.

  • Video Email

    Build your personal connection with your audience with VipeCloud Video Email. Host with us, YouTube, or Vimeo.

  • Track Opens And Clicks

    Gain valuable insights into the performance of your mass emails with click and open tracking.


Email marketing is a perfect way to increase your annual revenue per customer by upselling and reselling your customers. Update them on exciting company announcements, creative product use ideas, and promotions that they won't want to miss.

Even if the email doesn't create immediate conversions, it keeps you and your business at the top of their mind and, when it comes time to make a purchase decision, they'll turn to you.

On the other hand, sometimes a well-timed email is exactly what you need to push a customer from "waiting" to "buying."

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