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Your Tasks, In One Place

Every user's tasks are kept in one place and can serve as a daily call list. The workflow for following up with prospects is as simple as going to Today's Tasks and completing them.

For managers, this makes keeping tabs on your team much easier. You can quickly see any tasks that are overdue and pull up reports for an overview of your team's productivity.

VipeCloud Is Your Task Management Solution

Never Let Another Follow Up Slip Through The Cracks

VipeCloud makes it easy to keep all of your tasks in one place. Your to-do list serves as a simple call list to run through and stay on top of all of your leads.

For an added degree of insurance to never miss a follow-up, VipeCloud can send an email and in-app notification when a task is coming due.

Spend Time Completing Tasks Rather Than Creating Them

VipeCloud's series automations can automatically create follow-up tasks for you. VipeCloud will send your scheduled email templates and create your preset tasks. All that's left for you is to go to Today's Tasks and complete the tasks that are due.

Click-To-Call And Auto-Complete Tasks On Mobile

The VipeCloud mobile app allows you to click to call any of your contacts. Upon hanging up the call, you can add any call details you'd like to the completed task that was automatically created for you!

Management Made Easy

Assign tasks for your sales staff, knowing that they will be notified when they are due and impossible to miss in their Today's Tasks view.

Keep your data more organized and clear with custom task types. No need to adopt generic task types and find that your sales staff mixing them up. With clear task types you'll have better data and therefore better reporting.

Gain top-down insights with task activity reporting and filter views.

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