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We believe customizability is an essential feature of CRMs. CRMs are built around data, and without accurate labels, what good is that data? If field names and task types aren't using the language that your business has been using for years, your team is more likely to miscategorize things and cause a deterioration of your data.

Customization makes for a more intuitive CRM, better data and better reporting.

Fields, Pipelines, Tasks - In Your Language

Unlimited Custom Fields

Fields are an essential way to maintain accurate and accessible data in a CRM. We see no reason to put limits on what you can track in VipeCloud. Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities all come with standard fields and users can add as many custom fields as they like.

Custom fields allow you to not only track data with your own terminology, but also allow you to track and segment data in such a way that you can more effectively create marketing segments, craft sales pitches and build reports.

Along with our unlimited custom fields comes unlimited merge fields. This allows your team to save valuable time by focusing on leads that are further along the sales funnel. You can simply automate prospecting email campaigns and merge your custom fields into the email templates to give them a personal feel.

Maintain the quality of your data in the system using "unique" and "required" conditions. Unique is perfect for reducing duplicates - great for account numbers, cell phones, and emails. Required is great for ensuring that salespeople don't forget to ask for critical information prior to adding a new contact, account or opportunity.

A Pipeline For Every Sales Cycle

Not every sales cycle is created equally and therefore it's extremely helpful to separate your various sales cycles to track your opportunities where appropriate.

A common example of this is prospecting pipelines vs account management. Most businesses that maintain ongoing relationships with their customers will have different tactics for earning ongoing business from how they earn new business.

VipeCloud's users are able to track unlimited custom pipelines, with customizable stages. The drag and drop card view makes it easy to visualize your pipeline and prioritize your efforts.

Tasks, In Your Company Vernacular

Keep your data more organized and clear with custom task types. There's no need to adopt generic task types and find that your sales staff mixes up which is which, muddling their activity reports. With clear task types you'll have better data and therefore better reporting.

Gain top-down insights with task activity reporting and filter views.

What If We Could...?

We're all ears for product enhancements from our customers. We welcome and love hearing "what if?" messages from our customers. If it fits in our company vision, is feasible and will add value for our other customers...then why not?

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