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Segment Your Contact Lists To Perfect Your Messaging

VipeCloud makes it easy to use segmentation to send the perfect message to the perfect audience.

Segmentation is the process of dividing your contact lists into groups who have something in common, allowing you to market to them with this in mind. VipeCloud comes complete with the tools you need to gather segmentation data, create the segmented lists and launch your targeted campaigns.

Segmentation is one more way to give your marketing a personal touch and to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Below we’ll dive into segmentation methods you could use and ways to implement them using VipeCloud.

How To Segment Contact Lists

Collect The Data And Then Segment

Data is essential for segmentation, and VipeCloud is here to help you gather the data and segment your contacts with it. Here are some tried-and-true methods of gathering data for marketing segmentation.


Sign up forms are a great way to gather segmentation data. You can add a couple questions to a "contact us" or landing page form to help fill in the picture of who they are and why they're interested in your company. This will not only help your salespeople prepare their pitch but can also boost the efficacy of your future marketing outreach regardless of the outcome of the sales calls. Below, we'll discuss VipeCloud's sign up forms in more detail.

Products/Services Purchased

Purchase data is full of information you could use for future marketing. It’s evidence for what a customer is interested in, what their budget is, and when they are likely to be on the market next.


Send surveys to your contact lists to gain information on their satisfaction, and insight in their purchasing motivations. You can also update old contact lists with this method. Pro tip: a giveaway will go a long way towards boosting response rates.


There are many ways to segment a contact list based on engagement. You can create segments for contacts who are very active and open a high percentage of lists and other segments for those who open less frequently. You can also create segments based on which call to action was clicked - this is a great way to determine what a contact's interests are.

Geographic Area

Geographic segmentations can range from a neighborhood within a city to entire continents. Examples of how one could approach this could be based on regional holidays, sporting events, weather and language spoken.

Position In Sales Funnel

A prospect's position in the sales funnel is a great way to get targeted messaging. It establishes a need and timeline. You can market to them with this knowledge and nurture them through their evaluation process based on this. You can address specific common objections to nip them in the bud between calls with your sales staff.

Lists Are Not Stagnant

Segment Into New List

Contact lists are always changing, whether you are marketing to them or not.

When they're sitting, unused, they are slowly decaying as the circumstances and contact info of those in said list changes. When you are actively marketing to them, the engagement, or lack thereof, affects the status of the contacts.

VipeCloud automatically helps you with sorting these lists in a number of ways and also gives you tools to segment the list to your specifications. Bounces are automatically removed from lists to prevent additional bounces, VipeCloud also automatically applies scores to the contacts to aid you and your sales team in prioritizing follow-up.

Additionally, you can create segments of contact lists based on their engagements such as opens, clicks and replies as pictured here.

VipeCloud Sign Up Forms

VipeCloud Form For Segmentation

As mentioned above, sign up forms are a fantastic way to build data that can be used for segmentation. VipeCloud makes this simple. The data you gather with a sign up form is automatically added to your database of contacts. If it's a new contact, they're added. If it's an existing contact, the data they submit is added to their profile in VipeCloud.

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