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"VipeCloud has enabled us to reach our clients on a consistent basis with top-notch emails and communication."

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Ken Coenen

"It's a relief to have one product that can handle so much of our sales and marketing and have such a great support team to back it up. This has really simplified our email and social marketing. They keep adding new features, which is great."
Joshua Wolters

Kristin Jiles

"The overall experience is POSITIVE. People are what make the difference with any organization. Combine that with excellent software and you have a winner. I highly recommend VipeCloud CRM."
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Doug Hikawa

Boost Your Team's Productivity With Automated Workflows

Reduce Data Entry

Reduce Administrative

Create your series once and enable your entire team to use it. With AutoResponders, you don't even have to lift a finger to launch a series.

Stay On Top Of Leads

Stay On Top Of Leads

Incorporate tasks into your series. When a series is active, there's no risk of forgetting to follow up with a lead.

task management

Standardize Proven

You've determined strategies that work. Implement them with series to ensure they are put into practice.

series automations

Automate Workflows Using Series

Use series to create sales and marketing workflows. Create drip campaigns to nurture contact lists, email & task workflows for your sales team to warm up early-stage leads and AutoResponder series to handle sign-up form submissions.

With series, your team will be able to spend less time on repetitive early-stage leads and instead focus their efforts on closing your biggest leads.

Automatically Launch Email Templates And Custom Workflows

Set email templates and custom workflows to launch automatically when certain actions have been taken. For example, launch a drip campaign when a lead generation sign-up form is submitted. Send a welcome email when a new contact is added to a newsletter contact list. Or, automatically wish your customers a happy birthday when their special day arrives.

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reduced administrative data

Reduce Administrative Data Entry

Save time on tedious data entry simply by consolidating marketing and sales systems into one - using our all-in-one CRM. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline workflows and simplify input needed to get the job done. Automatic contact creation, engagement activity, our scheduler and series workflows are just a handful of our features that will save you from needless data entry.

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