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"VipeCloud gives us an edge over others in what would otherwise be just a commodity competition."
Shannon Tapp

Shannon Tapp

"We like the weekly suggestions on posting content with the links to that content. Content generation is hard for small business."
Brian Rhonemus

Brian Rhonemus

"VipeCloud is right in the middle of sales automation and marketing automation. Send one-at-a-time emails for improved deliverability and also switch to mass campaigns."
Shawn Elledge

Shawn Elledge

Accelerate Your Growth With Email Marketing And Marketing Automation

Engage Your Audience

Use our suite of tools listed below to interact with current and prospective customers

Score Their Interest

Prioritize follow ups based on engagement scores.

Work A Pipeline

Use our built in Small Business CRM tools to work your top prospects though your pipeline.

What Is A Marketing Suite?

A Marketing Suite is a collection of outreach tools made available to you and your team from within a single product. The most common marketing tools are email marketing, social marketing, and marketing automation. Below is a short list of benefits provided by a marketing suite.

VipeCloud has all of these built directly into our product. No need to integrate separate systems. You can finally build your business, and increase sales, without having to manage several marketing apps.


Productivity is increased by not requiring you to juggle a “stack” of marketing and sales apps. Receive better support by not needing a different support team from every app in your stack.

Sales Effectiveness

A shared platform between sales and marketing allows you to drive sales through your pipeline more effectively by automatically arming your sales team with data gathered from the marketing process. Lead scoring will help your team time the marketing-to-sales hand-off and then help sales easily prioritize the hottest leads.

Data Consolidation

Consolidating your data to a "single source of truth" provides new insights into what is and isn’t working. Track email opens, link clicks, website engagement, video plays, attachment downloads and make this data available to your whole sales and marketing team.

Multi-Channel Reach

Reach your customers where they’re ready to engage. VipeCloud’s content management system offers trackable share links. Send attachments, videos and landing pages with a short link over messages, texts and more.

Increase Lead Generation With Drip Campaigns

Start by easily importing your list, matching your columns to ours for mail merge fields. Once your list has imported, click to verify your emails and eliminate bounces before your hit send. Create your email templates, inclusive of an optional video email, and drop your email templates into a series template.

Launch your series template to individual contacts or contact lists. You can even "set it and forget it" with our Advanced Mass Email option to process one email per minute and maximize your delivery.  Last but not least, measure engagement, prioritize follows up with lead scoring, and create list segments to most appropriately start the process again.

Expand Your Audience With Sign Up Forms

Create free downloads, launch contests, offer early access, or get even more creative when using sign up forms to expand or engage with your audience. Embed the sign up form directly on your own site or build it into a landing page within VipeCloud. You can even add a video to your landing page!

Connect with your sign ups by launching an AutoResponder, automatically trigger an email or series template, when your form is completed. Of course, all of your signs ups are exportable. And we even track landing page analytics and conversion rates for you.

Upsell and Resell Your Customers With Email Newsletters

Build beautiful email templates with our HTML Builder, inclusive of 250+ sample email templates. Optionally make your templates available on a template landing page via a short link you can post or text or otherwise share beyond email. Permission your templates so your entire team can access, copy, and personalize them.

Once you have your templates, create list segments to personalize your message or A/B test your messages. After you hit send, know summary and detailed information about who opens, clicks, replies, or has issues with your email. All bounces and unsubscribes are automatically removed from your lists to reduce manual work on your part.

Verify 10,000 Emails Every Month With An Enterprise Subscription

Stop email bounces before they happen by verifying your contact lists. VipeCloud's email verifier will check your list for undeliverable and risky emails, allowing you to choose how strict you would like the filter to be, and clean your list for you.

Whether you are sending for lead generation purposes or are marketing to an older list of clients, contact lists decay more quickly than you might think. Verifying your lists will help avoid email bounces and maintain your sender reputation.

Advance Your Brand Awareness With Social Sharing

Every VipeCloud user receives a weekly list of trending content delivered to your inbox. Share these articles on your social networks to stay top of mind and part of the conversation.

You can also connect your social pages and use our Chrome Sharing Extension to post or schedule any website across your social channels. If your team members connect their social profiles, you can even post to their profiles on their behalf, dramatically increasing your footprint.

Connect With Your Audience With Video Email

Video email is a perfect way to stand out from the pack and build a personal connection with your audience that simply isn't possible through text. VipeCloud makes it easy to quickly record videos, via browser or mobile app, and send them via email.

Increase your engagement by using GIF thumbnails to entice your audience to click the video. As your audience engages with your videos, the activity will be trackable. You'll be in the know for which presentations have the greatest impact and which contacts are ready to buy.

Automatically Launch Email Templates And Custom Workflows

Boost your marketing efficiency using AutoResponders. Automatically trigger emails or custom workflows and spend less time doing tedious administrative tasks. Learn more about the various triggers that can launch AutoResponders here.

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