Premium Scheduling Features: Included In Your Subscription

Let Your Meetings Book Themselves

VipeCloud's software scheduler

VipeCloud's scheduler gives you a link to share so your customers can book an appointment directly on your calendar.

This will save you from having to send messages back and forth, figuring out which time works for everyone. If you schedule appointments with people in different time zones, you'll love how it automatically displays in the local time for the recipient.

An Overview Of VipeCloud's Scheduler

How Does It Work?

The Scheduler works with the calendar(s) associated with the email account you have sync'd with VipeCloud. If you already have your email sync'd with VipeCloud, then all you need to do is configure the event itself in the scheduler.

For instructions on how to do that check out this tutorial here.

Once the event is created, then you're all set! You can simply copy the link from VipeCloud and share it anywhere! Here's an example:

Highlighted Features

Automatic vs Manual Bookings - We recommend opting for automatic booking but manual confirmation is a must for some appointment types.

Appointment Booking Limits - Set limitations on what your minimum booking notice is, how far in advance your guests can book, buffer time between meetings, minimum cancellation notice, and more. These parameters give most users the ability to not need manual bookings.

Invitee Redirect - Users have the option of setting up a redirect URL. Send users to your custom thank you page, or to a brand new sales funnel for a cross-sell! This feature is very useful for tracking campaign performance.

Unlimited Event Types - Customize your events to your heart's content. (For Enterprise subscribers)

Your Own Branding - Add your own logo to your Scheduler to keep your guest focused on you when they are committing to a meeting.

Multiple Calendars - Create events for all of your calendars.

Sales Use Cases

Lead Generation - Every salesperson knows that prospect interest is not a constant. Our scheduler gives you the opportunity to get an appointment commitment from your prospect at peak interest. Do your magic, writing a perfectly crafted email and put a scheduler link in as the call to action. Alternatively, include these links in an automated mass campaign and spend your day talking to appointments that booked themselves.

Chat Bots - There are many ways to use a scheduler in a chat bot. It can be there to capture leads when you're away or can simply be a goal on a landing page.

Website Contact Us Page - Embed the scheduler into your website, add the link or embed your VipeCloud sign up form and send them the scheduler link in your autoresponder.

Email Signature - Include your scheduler in your signature so your recipients always have easy access to your calendar.

Marketing Use Cases

Mass Emails - Generate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) by adding scheduler links to your mass email campaigns.

Ad Campaigns - Make your campaign goal a successfully scheduled appointment and track every successful conversion through Thank You page visits.

Newsletters - A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Nurture your existing customers by making it a breeze for them to receive support by including a scheduler link in newsletters if they need to talk about new services or upcoming events.

Website Visitors - Turn visitors into meetings by embedding your scheduler into your site, including it in a chat bot or through countless other prompts.

Trackable Links - Gain insight into "abandoned appointments" by making your scheduler links trackable. If a guest clicks the link but doesn't schedule an appointment, you'll know and be able to nurture the lead with this knowledge.

Other Use Cases

Support Calls - Nobody likes waiting on hold for support calls or leaving requests in a voice mail that may or may not be listened to. Your customers will love being able to simply schedule an appointment.

Conference Room Scheduling - Use the VipeCloud Scheduler's multiple calendar feature by creating a calendar for your conference room and creating a corresponding scheduler.

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