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"The Administrative Part Of My Job Is My Favorite," Said No Salesperson Ever

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We're Obsessed With Saving Our Customers' Time

If nothing else, this is one of the most important roles a sales CRM should serve. A sales CRM should allow you to get the information you need to do business as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Questions like "Did anybody ever answer Centuria's question from Monday's call?", "How is the new sales rep picking things up?", "Does marketing have leads that are nearly ready for sales to pick up?" should be able to be answered in a few clicks.

The result is having a more efficient, more informed, and more organized sales and marketing team.

How VipeCloud Reduces Data Entry

Single System

All-in-one CRMs are efficient, by their very nature. When your marketing, sales and management teams are all using the same system, there's no need for people to input the same contact twice or to manually transfer engagement data.

Every additional system you use has a learning curve, settings that need to be optimized, a support team whose knowledge outside of their one piece of the puzzle is limited, and its own monthly bill.

We're of the mindset that simplicity is the best way to get things done. Less time spent managing apps = more time growing your business.

Do More In Fewer Clicks

We're always looking for ways to give our users more information in less time.

-With our quick-view side modals, you can view and edit the details of any CRM item, such as a contact, account or opportunity, without leaving the page you're on.

-Using the quick view side modal, you can turn a contact list into a call list and go down the list, noting your calls, without leaving the page.

-You are able to send a trackable email from nearly any page in the CRM.

-Let the CRM build itself with automatic contact creation, creating a contact for everyone you email.

-Spend less time looking for your best leads. Lead scoring will automatically sort your top leads for you.

Series Automations

Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time doing what you are great at: closing deals.

Automate your top-of-the-funnel workflow with email drips and automatically created tasks. Launch series automations to entire contact lists at the same time.

Automatically update fields upon step completion or contact reply, making it easier to track and sort contacts.

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