CRMs Are A Balance Of Providing Sales Managers Insights, And Sales People Effectiveness

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The information you need to grow your business is just a click away in VipeCloud. VipeCloud's reports will show you trends in your team's activities, campaigns and revenue generation. These insights will help with highlighting what is (and isn't) working to better guide you along the road ahead.

If there's a report you would like that isn't included, just let us know!

An Overview Of VipeCloud's Reports

Sales Team Overview Reports

Active Users - this is an overview of your team's activity. It helps you determine the CRM adoption of your team and helps with gauging their productivity.

Emails - this gives you a breakdown of email activity across your sales team. It tallies how many emails have been sent and how many opens, clicks and replies each VipeCloud user has produced.

Item Counts - this is a tally of how many contacts, accounts, opportunities, open tasks and completed tasks each user as to their account.

Opportunities By Stage - this gives you a breakdown of each user's pipeline. It tallies how many opportunities are in each stage and gives you their total potential dollar value. You can also drill down and view the opportunities in a stage.

Tasks By Type - this breaks down how many tasks each of your users have completed or have open. It's a great way to get a snapshot of your team's productivity.

Marketing Effectiveness

Clicks By Link - this produces a breakdown of the links you send via email [right?] and how many clicks they've received in the set time frame.

Email Templates - this is a great report for A/B testing. It breaks down the send, open and click performance of ever email template across a user-selected time frame.

Mass Emails - this is a breakdown of mass email performance by user in a set time frame.

CRM Overview Reports

Dropdown Custom Fields - this gives you a great overview of the distribution of a customer or account type across your team, if you track this data with custom fields. Examples of how this could be used would be tracking lead sources, customer types, or size of company. This report gives you a tally of how many CRM items (contact, account or opportunity) have a dropdown custom field set to a particular parameter, and then breaks it down by user.

Recurring Revenue Pipeline - this helps project revenue for products with a monthly recurring cost.

Sales Velocity - this automatically tracks your pipeline performance based on how many opportunities are in your pipeline, average opportunity size, win rate and your average sales cycle. In short, it tracks how quickly you are making money. You can then break this down by pipeline and by user.

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