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Everything individuals or solopreneurs need to get started.

Most Popular


Businesses who want more advanced email delivery or team management capabilities.



Power user businesses and agencies looking for higher limits or customizations.



Per user per month billed annually.

Or $50/user billed monthly.


Per user per month billed annually.

Or $75/user billed monthly.

Top Features

10K contact limit per user.

60K monthly email limit, pending reputation.

Basic marketing capabilities.

Full featured CRM, limited to one pipeline.

Team management for one team.

Responsive phone and email support.

Everything in Pro, and:

60K contact limit per user.

Advanced marketing including one-at-a-time mass email processing, website tracker, and 10K email verifications per month.

Multiple pipelines.

Multiple teams.

Everything in Enterprise, and:

Custom contact limit.

Custom email sending limit.

Custom email verifications limit.

Dedicated STMP delivery account.

Dedicated IP addresses and rDNS support.

Custom implementation and training.



Marketing Suite

Contacts Per User

Monthly Emails Per User

Social Media Marketing

Email Open, Click, Attachment,
And Reply Tracking

Video Email

Personal And Team Email

Template Landing Pages

Email Marketing With Mail Merge

Manage Unsubscribes, Bounces,
and Suppressions

Contact Scoring

Series Templates

Landing Pages & Sign Up Forms


Website Tracker

Advanced Mass Email

Verify Emails

Dedicated Delivery Account

Dedicated IP Addresses




10 Accounts




10 Accounts





10 Accounts


CRM Tools

Inbox Sync

Automatic Contact Creation

Automatic Activity Capture

Custom Fields

Organize Data With Tags

Pipeline Management

Task Management

Content Management



1 Pipeline


Multiple Pipelines


Multiple Pipelines

Users & Teams


User Roles



One Team


Multiple Teams


Multiple Teams

Responsive Support


Get Started Training


Email & Phone


Email & Phone


Email & Phone

Plan FAQs

How does the Free Trial work?

Our 15 day Free Trial is your no-risk, nearly-full-featured access to VipeCloud to test if we will work for you. During your trial you can send emails (up to 150), setup data fields, sync your inbox, manage contacts (up to 2K), and have full access to our support team to answer questions, demo the product, and more.

Can I migrate my data to your system?

Yes and we can help you do so. If you sync your inbox with VipeCloud, we can automatically build your contact and company databases, or you can upload a CSV to get started. We can also import existing opportunities from a prior CRM.

What types of payments do you accept?

All payments are made by credit card, and managed from inside your account.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. After your trial you can continue with VipeCloud on a quarterly or annual basis.

How does adding users work?

Simple, we prorate the time remaining on your quarterly or yearly subscription. From your team management page you can add new users by adding their email, and we'll send the new users a welcome note and also invite them to connect for a product training.

Can I change plans?

Yes. Similar to adding new users, we'll simply prorate the difference you owe or are credited when changing your plan.

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